The Trailer for Kate Mara's Sci-Fi Movie Morgan Looks Tight

Scientists try and fail to contain a highly evolved test-tube creation in the trailer for the sci-flick Morgan.


A science man in the trailer says, “Morgan was our third attempt, our little breakthrough. It’s the next step in evolution. It’s bio-engineered, with synthetic DNA.” Morgan, he says, was walking within a month. By the sixth month, she had come to “exceed our wildest expectation,” which can only be bad.

Deadline describes Kata Mara’s character as a “corporate troubleshooter who’s sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident.” The mystery unravels as Morgan evolves beyond anyone’s capacity to understand her. The movie is Ridley Scott’s son Luke Scott’s first time directing, or as my boyfriend remarked after seeing the trailer: “Ridley Scott’s son saw Ex Machina and thought it was cool.”

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Ex-Machina meets Lucy meets Orphan Black.