Gianfranco Ferré died in 2007, but his label — where the clothes are strong, architectural and never trendy — lives on. Fall 2010 at Ferré is clearly for the tough-as-nails, bad-ass Alpha Woman: Nothing delicate or flowery here!

When you're running en empire, you've got to tighten your (admittedly massive) belt.

Damn. The woman who can rock this is a Deep Space Ten.


The Board of Directors is about to get a talking-to.

"I said I wanted an Americano. So why did you bring me a latte?"


"I don't really have time to talk about this right now, but to make a long story short, you're fired."

Construction + architecture + origami = wow.


And the Goddess spake. And she said "Let there be gold!" And it was good.

Ruling the galaxy takes an iron fist in a velvet glove… and something to wear to interplanetary events in the evenings.


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