In the race to become the next Twitter sensation, White Girl Problems is coming in third (out of 140, mind you).

Time Magazine included the satirical feed on its "140 Best Twitter Feeds", after it topped 184,000 followers, nabbed a mid-six-figure book deal, and started receiving bids to option it as a TV or movie.

The writers, brothers David and Tanner Cohen and friend Lara Schoenhals, who tweet under the persona of "bored and obnoxious socialite" Babe Walker, say they conceived of the idea in the same way that any good idea is conceived: by drinking heavily.

Sample dispatches: "I hate my horse" and "Let's just say I didn't not sleep with your boyfriend" and "My fat friends always make me go to brunch and my skinny friends always make me go to yoga."

"We kept identifying things as white girl problems," Tanner said. "It was a hit amongst our friends".

Four days after launching @whitegrlproblem, they had 1,000 followers thanks to a re-tweet by actress Emma Roberts.

"Everyone has seen that girl on TV like the Kardashians or Carrie Bradshaw, who have all this drama," says Schoenhals. "Everyone's like, 'There's nothing to be complaining about, your life is amazing'."


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