We're not too sure what's so scary about having He of Perpetual Cuteness, Jason Bateman, as a baby daddy, but that's just not what Jennifer Aniston's character had in mind in The Switch, which opens in theaters everywhere tonight!

The Switch is an offbeat romantic comedy about Kassie, a single woman who decides it's time to have a baby with the help of a charming sperm donor (Patrick Wilson). Kassie's neurotic best friend, Wally (Jason Bateman), has always had feelings for Kassie (Jennifer Aniston), but he's missed his chance after being put in the dreaded "friend zone." During Kassie's "insemination party" things get a little messy when a drunk Wally accidentally spills the sperm donor's package down the drain and decides it'd be best to replace it with his own little guys. When we fast forward seven years, we find that Kassie's son, Sebastian (Thomas Robinson), shares more than just one trait with Wally and he begins to remember what happened that fateful drunken night.

What happens next? You'll just have to see for yourself by going out to see The Switch, opening nationwide tonight!

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