​The Subway: Your New Home for Romance and Sexist Stereotyping

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The subways: So hot right now. For starters, were you aware that your train could, this very minute, be morphing into a hub for romance? Train Spottings, a New York matchmaking service focused on time spent in a fetid metal box, is currently hiring "subway cupids."


Not since "The Trolley Song" has public transportation seemed so exciting.

The news comes from Brokelyn, which spotted an ad on Craigslist seeking applications. Duties are, essentially, to slip a "call us" card into the pocket of any cutie you see riding the rails. You get paid depending on whether they bite, and how hard. So it's a little like getting paid to hand out flyers, but a way better conversation starter.

The woman who dreamed this up, "Love Conductor" Erika Christensen, explained further:

'Subway cupids' are essentially recruiters. We need smart, magnetic and DISCIPLINED people to help us snag the best singles out of the subway. Now, this doesn't always mean striking up convos. We've found great success with 'stick pocketing' meaning getting our card to the people however we can- in books they're reading, back pockets, Trader Joe's bags, etc–I have tried them ALL.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself eying a looker and there's no matchmaker in sight, here's a potential small-talk topic. Check out this lovely ad currently featured on DCist, which the DC Metro thought was a good way to advertise recent improvement effort:

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It's not that the Metro is crap—it's just that silly ladies are too busy talking about shoes to notice all the improvements!

What is it, "HEY LADIES" week on the world's subways or something?

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I seriously don't understand people who hit on other people on the subway. There's no way of knowing how much time you have before they have to exit the train, and who in their right mind is going to give their number to someone after making small talk for 2 minutes? I just sort of sit there, perplexed, wondering what the dude hopes to accomplish in such a limited amount of time.