The Struggle Is Real for This Dinosaur Contending With Snowzilla

Have you ever contemplated how a Tyrannosaurus rex would tackle the task of shoveling snow? I must admit that I haven’t given it much thought, even under the influence. But now that we have this video, the world can behold an industrious—if rather effete—dinosaur, a Sisyphus for the blizzard-bound.

Okay, okay, you caught me: it’s not actually a real dinosaur. It is, however, a dude wearing a Tyrannosaurus rex costume while he attempts to mitigate the effects of Snowzilla. It’s not as cool, but it’s still weird!

According to Time, “Cliff White, a soldier based at Fort Campbell, Ky., accepted a neighbor’s challenge to shovel snow in his Tyrannosaurus rex Halloween costume while his wife Amy had the camera rolling.”


White tells Time, “I can’t go to work because of the snow, so I thought, I’ll just have some fun. We’re all going to get a good laugh out of it.” You and I have very different definitions of “fun,” Cliff, but cheers nonetheless.

In fact, watching this video was, for me, a profound experience in self-recognition. My friends, every time I attempt physical labor I am that man flailing his shovel in an elaborate Tyrannosaurus rex costume.

White, however, insists that the costume was hardly an impediment to his task. “Besides T. Rex having such short arms, it was really comfortable,” he said. “I could do this all day.”

Go ahead, Cliff. Everyone who has experienced the seeming futility of shoveling will raise a glass in solidarity.


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Tupiniquim - Our spin is DEAD

I have a confession to make: I have some stuffed animals who have names, personalities and voices. One of them is a dinosaur and when my husband showed me this video we started laughing and narrating it in its (his?) voice. It was perfect, totally in keeping with what our dinosaur would do in the snow.

I know, I know, I just turned 36. I’m weird AF *hangs head in shame*