And given what hiking in Montana is like this time of year, they’re likely sharing a lot of industrial-strength mosquito spray too.

The women are sharing their adventures on an Instagram account called The BAM Bus, named after their first initials. The content can be summed up as beautifully curated carefree white girl photography. I mean, hey, good for them. The only question left is what comes first: The book deal or the Netflix contract? And if they do go the movie route, who is going to play the villainous player boyfriend?


Oh, speaking of him... from the Post (emphasis ours):

The boyfriend, when reached by The Washington Post, said, “There are two sides to everything, but I think the best thing right now is to say nothing.”

He spoke briefly in a phone interview on the condition his name not be used.

“I really don’t want anything to do with them anymore,” he said of the three women.

The women also asked his name not be published, saying it was not their goal to shame him publicly or harm his reputation. Rather, they said, they wanted the focus to be on their bond instead of his betrayal.


Something tells me he is not loving their newfound clout.