"The Darker Side of Green" climate change debate at NYC's Skylight West was a serious discussion of a planet in peril. Which is why the stars wore feathered stilettos, capes, and leather vests.

Feathered shoes draw out attention to the plight of endangered fauna. Or else this was just a really strange choice.

For everyone's sakes, I wish Maggie's top had been a little longer - not least because I'm getting sympathetic thigh-chafe just looking at those jeans. And wasn't that distracting during the talks?


A leather vest always shows you're not playing. I don't know what beribboned shoes say, though.

Let's ask Kevin Bacon.


Sarah Silverman: one of the few dressed for a debate as my college understood that term.

Norman Reedus, in tie, because this is serious.


I like Gretchen Mol's girlish frock. But now that I've noticed that the yoke kind of forms an arrow, I can't focus on much else.

Did I mention that Rev Run was here? 'Cause he totally was.

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