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The Star of This Week's TIME Cover Is a Rape Pennant

Illustration for article titled The Star of This Weeks iTIME/i Cover Is a Rape Pennant

Next week's issue of TIME tackles some pretty heavy issues — rape on college campuses ("We gotta change our school name! Rhinelander Academy for Personal Enlightenment makes a terrible acronym!), the kidnap of 276 Nigerian girls, botched executions. But perhaps most horrifying and unfathomable of all: Joel Stein's kid hates Frozen.

The RAPE cover hits newsstands soon, almost two years to the week that the magazine released its infamous "Are You Mom Enough?" attachment parenting cover with the mom breastfeeding a kid who was standing on a chair.

Late May must be trolling season.

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"RAPE: The Crisis in Modern Society"

Fixed it.