The Soup Says Goodbye To The Hills

The only truly bad thing about The Hills coming to an end is that it means Joel McHale's Soup commentary on the show has come to an end as well. Naturally, The Soup bid the show farewell in spectacular fashion.

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liz.lemonade: She is beyond good and evil.

Yay! Do I get a shiny sticker for mentioning this last night on the Open Thread?

(And ha! Just reread my comment, and I'm glad I was wrong about Hortense posting video clips on the weekends!)

This video was awesome. Unfortunately, his Polanski bit a few minutes later made me uncomfortable, and I was not fond of the "check out the fatties!" segment about Wife Swap — that 2012 woman had enough snark-worthy problems without The Soup also mocking her weight. But since I love Joel McHale to itty bitty pieces, I shall choose to be angry at the show's writers and not him.