The Sound Of Silence

Proving that sometimes the best messages are delivered simply, this French PSA for domestic violence awareness highlights how easily we become immune to the suffering of others - and how eerie quiet can sound. [AdWeek]


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It's strange living in France - the ads here are always either brilliant or really, really creepy. There is no middle ground. Sometimes they straddle both sides of the fence.

A few years ago for a month a lingerie store had a poster of a girl who looked to be about 16 in white lacy lingerie with the tagline "Je suis vierge, et vous?"

Which could either mean "I'm a virgin, are you?" or because of the time of year it was "I'm a virgo, what's your sign?"

There there were these creepy ads that were in every bar for a while that showed a giant spider going down on a girl - and it was somehow supposed to be a safe sex sex message (even though giving a girl oral is not something involving condoms.)

Lately, my town has tons of billboards that at first glance seem to be a image of a teenage boy blowing an old man but when you look closer you realize he's actually smoking a cigarette - and it's supposed to be an anti- teen smoking ad. But, when you are in a gay club and you see that image the metaphor because really creepy and disconcerting.