"The Song I Wish Taylor Swift Would Write"

YouTube user madinthemoon, who created the beauty ads spoof we featured in January, has returned with "The Song I Wish Taylor Swift Would Write," a "Fifteen" parody she says was inspired by the Autostraddle article written about Swift last month.


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All right, Jezebel (and internet).

Please listen to "Change" by Taylor Swift. If you have the same issues and criticisms, I'll be completely open.

But that song, was fucking fantastic. Well written, an interesting message, and something you want a 15 year old to listen to and be inspired by...

So, the haters? Fine. Enjoy dancing to single ladies or whatever. But I find the Swift backlash to be derivative. You want to hate that album because you think it is about loves and love songs. It isn't. It's about being a teen and realizing life isn't a fairy tale, things don't work out according to plan but in spite of these things you can be amazing. It's about resilience.

How can someone hate on that?