The Snooki-Toni Morrison Beef We've Been Waiting For

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The news that Snooki was paid $2,000 more than Nobel prize-winning author Toni Morrison to speak at Rutgers University last week was taken as another sign of Civilization's general decline. But high literature isn't going down without a fight.

When the New York Post called up Toni Morrison for a comment (!) about the pay gap, 80-year-old Morrison:

dismissed Snooki's higher fee, saying, "I don't know her . . . and I don't care."

The "Song of Solomon" author also pointedly noted that she usually gets double her $30,000 Rutgers fee for appearances, but "I have some nostalgia about Rutgers because I used to teach there so, in effect, I cut my fee in half."


Oh, it is on. Morrison knows that the way to best way to destroy a Jersey Shore cast-member is to be completely ignorant of their existence. It was either that, or a scathing, 2,500-word takedown of Snooki's classic coming-of-age tale A Shore Thing in the New York Review of Books. It's fitting that this clash comes courtesy of a college, as colleges represent the nexus of the loftiest human ideas and the lowest human behavior.

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you know what would be awesome? if someone said "what, 30k just to talk to people?! i don't think i need to take that much money when i am already doing pretty well for myself and other people are losing their jobs."

toni morrison is an amazing author, but her response of "normally i make twice as much" is disheartening to me. rutgers students could possibly learn something from them cause shes nostalgic, but im sure there are plenty of other colleges that cant afford to pay her, and would love to have any wisdom she has imparted onto their students.

also what annoys me is when celebrities do like jeopardy or something for charity, and win like 30k. it is great and all that they are doing it for charity, but for half those people. they could just pull out a check for hundreds of thousands and hand it over. everyone just cares about themselves.

sorry, my rant is over. i had a lot of built up frustration!