Last night's Simpsons dove into the world of fiction writing in an episode titled "The Book Job." Lisa was disgusted with Homer's periodical of choice — JetSki Wanter magazine — which was written by a committee of writers. So Homer got the idea to gather Springfield's best and brightest and work on a YA novel! The group discussed all of the elements that make such a series successful: Orphans, vampires, and trolls. And! As we all know, the troll needs to be played by Robert Pattinson in the flick for true success — perhaps that'll come in The Book Job, Part 2: The Movie Deal.


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No mention of Neil Gaiman?! He's the single reason why I watched the Simpsons for the first time since the 90s. He was hilarious!

Can I just say that it's depressing that this stuff probably DOES happen rather more frequently than I care to think about in YA literature? For every awesome Maureen Johnson and John Green, there's oodles of despicable James Frey book factories...

British Fonzie to the rescue!