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The cast of the much beloved Fox TV show The Simpsons is currently in contract negotiations after the network "demanded" a 45% reduction in the salary of its cast members. And they mean business.


While the cast says they absolutely want the show to continue —and are even agreeing to take a pay cut— Fox says it's not enough:

While the cast is ready to agree to a pay cut from the $400,000 per episode they have been making since 2008, the source said that is not as deep as the 45% reduction in salary that Fox has demanded, which would have meant they get about $250,000 an episode.


Sadly, this disagreement coupled with the fact that the show's ratings have "continued to erode" may result in the end of new episodes of The Simpsons.

While it is still pulling enough viewers to deserve to remain on the air, the studio insists the deficit to make the animated shows has now risen to a point where it is unacceptable to them. That is why Fox has threatened to end the show if they can't make a deal.

UPDATE: The Simpsons was just renewed for two more seasons!!!

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