The Sicilian Nun Is Back, Singing 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'

Things are moving right along over at the Italian edition of The Voice. Our favorite nun, Sister Cristina — who wowed the judges and brought a tough guy to tears with an Alicia Keys number during the blind auditions — is back for her first battle. And it's '80s week!

(Be sure and hit the "CC" on the video for English subtitles.)

Sister Cristina went up against a singer named Luna, singing Cyndi Lauper's 1983 hit "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." Both ladies have voices with a lot of strength, but Sister Cristina's performance had an added layer of meaning — when she sang "Oh Daddy dear, you know you're still number one," she pointed up to the heavens before adding "but girls just wanna have fun!"


The crowd loved the performance. One of the judges, Piero Pelù, described it as being as surreal as a Buñel movie. And J-Ax — as usual when it comes to Sister Cristina — was overcome with emotion.

The way The Voice works is that after each battle, one contestant has to go. J-Ax was forced to choose between Luna — whom he called a "Curly Super Sayan from Dragon Ball" — and his beloved Sister Cristina. You could guess who he was going to pick when he sighed, "When Sister Cristina sings she gives joy, this is her gift."


No disrespect to Sister Cristina's vows, but some of us are hoping this relationship gets all Sound Of Music. Just imagine if Sister Cristina and J-Ax fall in love, and he serenades her by strumming "Edelweiss" on TV. Sniffle. Fingers crossed!

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Anyone else notice that a lot of nuns are foregoing habits these days... which leads me to wonder about the fact that she's wearing hers. Maybe in Italy they still wear them?