The Secret of Star War's Record-Breaking Success: Repeat Viewers and Women

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Star War: Woke AF has made over $1 billion worldwide in just 10 days—faster than any movie in history—and The Hollywood Reporter is chalking up its unbelievable box office numbers to repeat viewers and a “broadening” audience that includes, wait for it...women.

They write:

Force Awakens skewed heavily male, or 67 percent, when opening domestically over the Dec. 18-20 weekend...The gender breakdown changed by Christmas weekend, with males making up 62 percent of the audience and females, 38 percent.


Disney reportedly “went to great lengths to target females in its marketing campaign,” which shouldn’t have been too difficult, considering the fact that its lead character is a woman.

In addition to drawing in more female moviegoers, Star War’s audience is also becoming more ethnically diverse. THR continues:

Initially, 63 percent of ticket buyers were Caucasian, followed by Hispanics (12 percent) and African-Americans (10 percent). Over Christmas weekend, those numbers changed to 57 percent, 15 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

That a movie starring mankind’s cutest creation has appealed to so many people should surprise no one.

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It’s almost as if, when you make a movie that is good and that has women and people of color in key roles, women and people of color will go see it and white men won’t be scared away either.