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The Secret Life Of Roald Dahl

Illustration for article titled The Secret Life Of Roald Dahl

According to a new authorized biography, Roald Dahl was quite the dashing womanizer in his day, seducing socialites while working as a spy for the British government. [Telegraph]


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Oh look another one of my favorite childhood authors is sexist*/racist**/horribly ethnocentric***!

Surprised am I!!!

Seriously, the only person who wasn't is Frank McCourt, and he wrote memoirs. He makes me hope there is a heaven so I can visit him.

*CS Lewis—oh, Lucy gets to be a healer and Susan gets to tell everyone to fight but only Peter gets to fight because the other two are too delicate. dhgjkdfg Peter's 13! Thirteeeeeen!!! I don't care if he's gone through puberty he's no match for a bunch of demons and shit are you fucking kidding me?

**JRR Tolkien...yay Eowyn! But the main 9? All guys. Because despite there being magic and shit women are still just making babies which is why the "can't be killed by any man" thing seems SOOO plausible.

***Sigh, Terry Pratchett and JK Rowling. I know you don't mean it, but even when I was a kid I remember crying over the fact that India didn't get a Quidditch team because they had "magic carpets" which were conveniently outlawed. You're just mad because India has a superior cricket team, aren't you Jo....

I am mad today. And long winded...well at least I have an idea for a blog post....