The Science of Making Out

I love making out. Everyone loves making out. Unless it's with your sister—that's gross! And illegal! But there's a lot more going on behind the scenes of a smooch than just spit-swapping: brain chemicals flow! Bacteria goes nuts!

GOOD put together this lovely montage of cinema face-sucking, along with some wonderful little tidbits about tonsil hockey. Did you know that when you start slobbering in someone's mouth, your blood vessels expand, and oxygen rushes to the brain? Your brain also soaks itself with seratonin, dopamine, and adrenaline, explaining the OH GOD YES sensation of hooking up. Now when you're in the moment, you couldn't care less about any of this stuff—but here you are, at your computer, not kissing anyone. Might as well learn something! And if you are making out right and simultaneously reading this? Well, hats off to you, sir or madame. [GOOD]

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I miss the days of making out being the "end goal" of a hook-up. I feel like once you've crossed that threshold of Okay-I-Bone-On-The-Regular-Now making out just becomes the warm up and the final result is sex. When you're a teen (okay I lost my V-card at 15 but still) it's like "Sick we made out! Mission accomplished!" and there isn't an expectation for more.

Luckily the dude I just started seeing loves making out. I'm super stoked.