31 years ago today, the unstoppable force that is Jane Fonda released "Jane Fonda's Workout" on VHS, a tape that would inspire Americans to hop in place while obeying the spandex-clad Fonda's every direction in the comfort of their own living rooms. Fonda's still as healthy as ever, and has continued to deliver her classic workout tapes with "Jane Fonda's Prime Time." Here are just a few of the endless moments of Jane Fonda serving up sass while getting your heart rate up.

1. And bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.

2. Can you feel it? Because, oh, Jane Fonda can feel it.

3. That's right! You're great at breathing.


4. There's nothing quite like hearing Jane Fonda say, "Ha-cha-cha!"

5. Here's Fonda being fierce walking her dog


6. Get ready to kick butt.

7. Jane Fonda+Claymation= Instant Classic

8. Even the original intro makes you want to get your groove on.


Thank you, Jane Fonda, for your impeccable pastel one piece/sock combos, incredible ability to hop in place for extended periods of time, and being the motivation for all of us to squeeze our butt cheeks to the beat.

Image via Associated Press