If we could go to Nicholas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni's awesomely French personal trainer, we might actually exercise. Or at least smoke and listen to her talk!

When Nicholas Sarkozy was elected, the sight of the pint-sized president jogging through Paris was found so risible by the French people that Sarko took the unusual step of hiring a personal trainer. Enter the glamorous, 26-year-old Julie Imperiali, who's trained his wife Carla Bruni for years after meeting her in a bar. Imperiali says various nifty things about being "in favor of excess," and the importance of the perineum, with which she seems obsessed, even if "the Anglo-Saxons are a bit prudish about this and say that they don't know what we are talking about.”

In under a year, she's helped the already fit Sarko, "a teetotal chocolate addict," lose nearly ten pounds and tone up via "Tectonic Wellbeing” . She describes him as "a dream pupil." As to his first lady? “Carla is une bonne vivante. She loves beer. She smokes. She likes good food. But she obviously has an irreproachable constitution." Although she has a few annoying, trainer-esque bugaboos about junk food and has cut down on Sarkozy's chocolate intake, Imperiali's approach seems basically common-sensical.“My work is 60 per cent psychological and 40 per cent sport. It enables you to reconnect the head with the body." Via Gitanes, perhaps?
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