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The Safety Pin Dress Is Back to Kick Your Prairie Dresses to the Curb

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Fashion has gotten a little modest lately. With the onslaught of designer clogs, workwear, and dresses pulled straight from the pages of Little House on the Prairie, fashion It girls look like they’re often better dressed to churn butter than go out and party.


But Donatella Versace isn’t having it. She’s here to remind everyone that the best part of fashion is getting to look exceedingly hot at all times by bringing back the brand’s iconic safety pin dress for Versace’s recent pre-fall collection. Models walked down the runway in clingy black dresses held together by over-sized gold safety pins, much like the infamous Versace dress Elizabeth Hurley wore in 1994 on the red carpet.

As Vanessa Friedman notes in her piece about the dress for the New York Times, Versace bringing back the dress could be a pointed statement about their heritage after being bought by Michael Kors. “As a way of announcing Versace’s new status and suggesting that, contrary to some fears, being owned by an American company would not make the brand forget its roots, the show was a pretty high-profile statement,” she wrote.


Or you could say Versace brought back the dress because they want everyone to dress a little hornier? Time to throw out your prairie dresses and stock up on body-clinging dresses barely held together!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Ashley Reese

Gonna cover a Batsheva dress in safety pins.