The Royal Wedding Playlist Is Gonna Be Wild

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Thanks to Tom Bower’s unauthorized Prince Charles biography, a sensational portrait of a paranoid scrooge who shrieks at the sight of “cling film,” I now get a huge kick out of watching Prince Charles imitate human interactions in public. So I am delighted to imagine him trying to move his body to Meghan Markle’s wedding playlist, which could start off with I Wanna Dance With Somebody for the first dance. The vibe is reportedly “fun and bouncy”; Camilla will explain.


Also Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland is scheduled for a long-overdue Oprah interview on the “racist abuse” Markle has been taking ever since the engagement. There is no way that brooch was an accident.

The Guardian has a feature on Lily Allen, with a thrilling twist: scroll to the bottom, and Sara from Tegan and Sara casually drops in to ask a fan question (!!!!!) Oddly, Jeremy Corbyn was also available for this.

Anyway, here it is, stans:

Sara: All the greats of my generation seem to have struggled to manage their personal and public dramas while also maintaining careers. I’ve always wondered if you’re as prone to controversy as it looks from the outside, or if that is just part of a larger narrative of sexism in the industry?

Lily: I would say that it’s part of a larger thing. I recently had to check information to do with the phone-hacking scandal, and so I had to revisit all of the tabloid coverage from when things started for me. There were four massive files. And I was looking at the early stuff [critical articles], and I thought: “Fucking hell, what was your problem? I was 21.” It felt so pointed and unnecessary. None of the stuff that I was saying or doing was so far out there, it really wasn’t that out of the ordinary, but it was presented [by the tabloids] in such a way that I do think it was rooted in sexism. And a lot of that early stuff was lifted directly from my Myspace blog, and then regurgitated in a way that bore very little relevance to what it was that I was trying to articulate. They didn’t want a young woman expressing herself, talking about things other people seemed to identify with. And what they did worked. I stopped talking in that way and started talking in other areas.

For everybody else, Allen generally keeps it real and provides a nice antidote to the procedural star profile. Her new album is out in the fall.


Milk’s best yet, imo.

  • Puffy is everywhere at all times. [Miss Tina Lawson, Diddy]
  • Kensington Palace has released new photos of the lil cherubs. [Instagram]
  • Evan Rachel Wood says maybe DJ Khaled should try it sometime? Who really wants him to, though. [Twitter]
  • George Michael was reportedly on methadone at the time of his death. [Daily Mail]
  • This is tragic. An autopsy found that Robin Williams was reportedly suffering from a form of fatal dementia he didn’t know he had, causing him to forget his lines and sob daily. [New York Post]

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I thought it was well known, or at least had been written about just after Mr. William’s death, that though it was undiagnosed he had been suffering from Lewy or Lewey Body Dementia?

At least I think it was LBD - I cannot search from this terminal to double check, or to check my spelling of undiagnosed, Lewy, or Lewey (the little red lines are telling me all my attempt at spelling those words are wrong).