The Royal Baby will be wearing its crown any minute now and there isn’t anyone who can’t wait to see what it looks like. Will it be a boy or a girl? Will it look like Kate or William? Will it get along with Harry or nah? Today E! Online posted a computer generated image of what they think the baby might look like, but what if they’re wrong? Here are some other babies the next royal baby could theoretically look like.

It could look like this happy baby.

Or maybe even this other happy baby.

Or this grumpy little baby with the sour little face. Look at that sour little face!


Or it could look like this precious smiling baby who just loves every second of its brand new life!


The baby could easily look like the late Princess Diana’s father, Lord Spencer, as a baby. Ever heard of genetics?

I’m no doctor, but I can see it looking like this.


I think this baby is about as regal as baby comes.

The baby could be born with a lot of hair. Like this baby!


Or maybe with even more hair. Like this baby!

Some computer models claim the baby will look more like this.


Think the baby will look like this? Could be right.

I heard some babies are born fully able to race tiny karts. So why not this baby?


Here’s a baby citizens of the United Kingdom would be happy to call their prince.


What do you think the baby will look like?

Images via Getty/Shutterstock/screengrab

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