The Robot Dog Is Watching

Creeping through your Instagram page like...

Technology has moved at such a pace that there’s no telling when a robot dog with a window for a face might run up on you, probe your soul with its mechanical eyes, and then skip away as if nothing ever happened.

Boston Dynamics—a company that makes dog-like robots for the sole purpose of creeping people out—has introduced its latest model, SpotMini, man’s terrifying best friend. (Check out video of the previous version doing dishes.) The future is: a dog that’s also a robot.

But will it sit on your lap and lick your tears? Via Mashable:

What we can tell you is that this little guy appears to have more personality than all its predecessors. In the video, it effortlessly trots on screen and then pauses to consider the viewer. Even without anything that looks like a dog’s head or even eyes, it’s a thrilling robotics moment (and perhaps a bit chilling too).


As Oprah said, all people want is to know they’ve been seen. This robot dog gets it.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Jesus, that’s some Fahrenheit 451 shit right there.