The Real Winner Tonight Is Chunky Monkey, Canine Icon

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A lovable fluff ball named Chunky Monkey is the breakout star of this year’s Puppy Bowl, and the hands-down winner of any and all “bowls” happening tonight, in my opinion.

Some things to know about Chunky Monkey: She’s 15 weeks old; she’s part Chow Chow, part Irish Red and White Setter, and was a rescue pup who came from the Virginia rescue organization Green Dogs Unleashed. She was adopted by Charlottesville, Virginia, resident Cassandra Asekhauno, who said Chunky Monkey—named for the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor—stood out among the litter of five siblings.

“She looked the chunkiest out of all of her siblings,” Asekhauno told local news site The Burn. “She was the only one who was super fluffy, but in fact, she is pretty small under all the fluff.”


Chunky Monkey is indeed super fluffy, an adorable, giant marshmallow with a spotted tongue. This attribute made it fitting that she played on “Team Fluff,” which sadly got crushed by “Team Ruff” in the actual athletic portion of this event. During her introduction, Animal Planet’s commentator described her as a “gentle soul eager to prove herself at this year’s Bowl.” Apparently, she wasn’t so eager, though: Chunky Monkey was relatably penalized for “excessive slumber” after taking a nap on the sidelines.

The move may not have helped her team, but we obviously love her for it:

Athletic icon!

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So adorable. And now I want ice cream.