The Real Plan For James O'Keefe's Sex Boat

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A week after a CNN reporter blew the whistle on his "sex boat and Viagra" scam, pseudo-pimp James O'Keefe is pushing back, saying, "Nothing in the document was implemented" and that Planned Parenthood and ACORN are the real villains here.


Writing at Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, O'Keefe both says he was into and not into the bizarre idea to lure CNN's Abbie Boudreau to a boat and try to make a sex tape:

After all, as all liberal reporters do, she was trying to "seduce" (a metaphor) me so she could get more for her story. It would be fun, I thought, to turn the tables in jest. However, I was repulsed by the over-the-top language and symbolism that was suggested in the memo that was sent to me, and never considered that for a moment.

As opposed to "conservative" reporters, whose preferred method of getting the story is... mutual masturbation? None of this makes any sense, and O'Keefe is being utterly disingenuous (shocker) when he says the idea was from some random supplicant. Alex Pareene points out that this is total bullshit:

The gross document in question wasn't submitted by a fan. It was drafted by Ben Wetmore, with whom O'Keefe has worked for years. O'Keefe has called Wetmore his mentor. O'Keefe and his attempted phone-tampering buddies crashed at Wetmore's Louisiana house the month of the Landrieu office incident.

For his part, Wetmore told Esquire last week that humorless liberals just didn't get it:

There was a joke to it - James isn't a lothario of sexual conquest at all. It was going to be awkward, not sexually aggressive. It was meant to be outlandish and ridiculous. When you dissect and sterilize a joke, it's not funny anymore - when you read the transcript of an SNL skit, you're not going to laugh, but you do when it's performed. It seems one way in print, but the video would've looked very different.


Too bad the liberal media and humorless women unwilling to submit to Playboy prevented us from ever seeing a video.

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LadySoprano Is Unimpressed

There once was an ass in douche-glasses,

His idea of 'humor' was classless,

"Get over it," said that bloke,

"It was just a good joke!

You're all just lesbian shitasses."