The Real Housewives Love to Fight in Costume

A mark of a great Real Housewives season—besides the always turbulent, never peaceful vacation episodes involving a getaway with a group of one’s closest enemies—is when a fight happens while everyone’s dressed up in costume. Why is Cleopatra fighting with a corpse bride? Why are these sexy firefighters tussling? Oh that’s RHONJ’s Nicole asking Amber about home-wrecker accusations.

It’s almost as if the producers set them up to look ridiculous on top of looking ridiculous. And it’s truly a wondrous sight. Watch this reel of Real Housewives cast members attempting to sort through disagreements and debates while in costume.


Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry, Producer/Editor: Lisa Fischer

Culture Editor, Jezebel


Pumpkin Andy is Orange

So, this Season of OC is kind of dull, though I suspect Vicki’s man Steve could be a grifter. Which is her type, actually. And thank goodness Peggy (“I don’t understand any words i don’t want to”) and Lydia are gone.