The Real Fully Loses Its Shit Over Tamera Mowry's Baby Gender Reveal

Today, The Real cemented their dominance in the morning talk show wars when co-host Tamera Mowry a) confirmed that she is pregnant and b) announced the sex of her new baby on live television with phone call from her husband Adam Housley. AND YOU GET A BABY! AND YOU GET A BABY!

The audience screamed, Mowry's co-hosts Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne Bailon hollered and one woman in the crowd got teary-eyed as Tamera said she was "scared" of having a girl because they're tougher than boys. She and her husband already have one son, Aden John Tanner Housley. It was fantastic television.

Meanwhile, over at The View, Rosie Perez may or may not have jumped ship, depending on who you believe, while Naya Rivera, ethnic cleanliness expert, cleared up her shower comments. Grrrrreeeaaat. Watch The Real.

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Emma Golddigger

Hey, you guys want to hear a really good baby reveal story that has nothing to do with Tamera Mowry? A couple years ago my second cousin and her husband are going to the doctor to learn the sex of their baby. When they're in the waiting room, they both freak out and decide they might not be ready to know and they want to be surprised. They tell this to the doctor. The doctor writes the baby's sex on a slip of paper and seals it in an envelope so they'll have it if they change their minds.

Then my cousin invites her whole family over for dinner in a couple weeks, goes to the bakery, and orders a cake to be made that day. She brings the envelope to the bakery, leaves it there, and asks the bakers to read it (after she leaves) and to put pink filling in the cake if the baby is female and blue filling in the cake if the baby is male.

She has the dinner, opens the cake for dessert: pink filling! It's a girl! Pictures of the cake-opening event are all over Facebook, the news travels all around our family, they've picked out a name for their daughter, everyone's happy. (My branch of the family is happy, too, but also a little confused by the whole cake thing.)

Several months later, she actually has the baby. It's a boy. The moral of this story is: never get your medical information from a fucking cake. (She and her husband were good sports about it, though...their Facebook announcement said, "Our baby is beautiful, healthy, and XY.")