The Queen's Last Corgi Has Died (For Real This Time)

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The last of Queen Elizabeth’s famous corgis has died—really this time.

In April, we (I) blogged that her last corgi—Willow—had died, based on a report in the Guardian and in the Daily Mail. That was technically true in a sense, because Willow was the last corgi she actually raised, having wrapped up her corgi breeding because she doesn’t want to leave any behind when she died, and also because she worried about having puppies underfoot at her age. But it turns out that Willow was not in fact her last corgi, because in 2016 she took in Whisper. His owner, former Sandringham gamekeeper Bill Fenwick, had died; Fenwick’s wife had looked after the queen’s corgis when she traveled.

And now, the Daily Mail has reported, Whisper has died. Here we go again, transferring literally all of my emotions and anxieties about mortality onto the highly pampered dogs of a 92-year-old woman I’ve never met:

Over the last two years she had become especially close to Whisper who devotedly followed her from room to room throughout Buckingham Palace.

Although she still has two dogs, Candy and Vulcan, they are dorgis, dachshund and corgi crosses. They are also rather more familiar with the Queen’s routine.

‘Whisper was a friendly chap and followed her everywhere,’ says a source.

‘The Queen has quickly become very attached to the dog.’

The two dorgis—dachshund corgi mixes—appear to remain in robust health.

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Clearly, given that there are so many royal tots now, she really should get an Old English Sheepdog.

I’m not saying that they’re the world’s greatest doggos but THEY’RE THE WORLD’S GREATEST DOGGOS.