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Today Queen Elizabeth II made a surprise visit to London Fashion Week, attending a runway show alongside Anna Wintour. She wore a baby blue suit paired with black gloves; she must have left her own sunglasses at home. At Buckingham Palace. Where she lives. Because she is the queen.

Photo: Getty.
Photo: Getty.

The Telegraph reported:

The Queen, who is making her first visit to London Fashion Week, watched a show from emerging designer Richard Quinn, who showcased colourful prints and headscarves which appeared to emulate Her Majesty’s own style.

She will later present the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design to Quinn himself, honouring the innovative designer as the UK’s brightest new fashion talent.

The Telegraph added that Quinn “was described in September by Vogue as having a ‘distinct BDSM aesthetic’, and ‘part of a new generation of weird and wonderful designers... he is exactly the future London needs.’” I mean, the woman’s in her 90s, she’s been around the block a time or two.

Photo: Getty.
Photo: Getty.

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