For years, Drew and Jonathan Scott were just twin brothers who were tremendously and inexplicably famous on HGTV due to their shared love of property and each other. But late last year, they transitioned into twin brothers who are using their tremendous and inexplicable fame on HGTV due to their shared love of property and each other as a way of becoming country music stars.

The video for their new single “Hold On” (released a few weeks ago but just brought to our attention today) features the Scott Brothers (they’re not the Property Brothers singing) hanging out together in a barn as a bunch of people travel home to their families. There’s a young woman visiting her father after moving away, a man coming back to US after serving in the military, and then there’s Drew and Jonathan, who come home after singing to each other in the family barn for god knows how long.


Like the brothers themselves, “Hold On” and its video are inoffensive and unmemorable, which makes sense given the fact that their reasoning for releasing it in the first place was because people told them they couldn’t. In an email sent to the The Hollywood Reporter last year, they wrote:

“Music has just always been part of our lives, something we’re passionate about — we grew up on a ranch where most weekend nights ended in us all around the campfire, with our dad playing guitar. There have been times in our lives where people have told us something just can’t be done, and we’ve become addicted to proving these naysayers wrong.”

If your mind is wandering to dark and unpleasant places after reading that last sentence, please rest assured that you’re not alone.


Over the past four years or so, I have said, “I don’t get the Property Brothers,” no fewer than 10 times. I’ve said it to coworkers. I’ve said it to my mother. I even said it to myself once, during a Property Brothers episode about a Canadian woman in need of a condo whose rude best friend kept interrupting her. I was like, “Tell your stupid friend to back off! This isn’t her house! Ugh, I don’t get the Property Brothers.”

Today, somehow, I get them even less.

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