The Price of Girl Scout Cookies Is On the Rise

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Girl Scout cookie aficionados may be shocked to hear that the cost of their beloved treats is now going up due to an increase in production costs. A box of Samoas currently priced at $4 will now run $5 each.


Before you angrily shake your fist at the sky, there’s some good behind this — the new price will allow the girls to keep more of their sales money. Girl Scout troops usually receive about 62 cents per box, reports Forbes. With the new cost, they’ll be able to bring in an average of 90 cents. They deserve this raise. Selling girl scout cookies is hard work, after all.

According to CNBC, not all of the Girl Scouts chapters are increasing prices. Troops in the greater Los Angeles area, San Diego, Hawaii and eastern Massachusetts are the only ones who have made the change so far. While many have complained about the inflation on Twitter, let’s be real. Finding a box of Thin Mints in your freezer when you think you’ve completely run out of sweets? Priceless.


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Kenny and the Llamas

I’ll gladly pay the $5. I’d happily pay $7 per box for what they’ve meant to my daughter.

You know what would be the most bitterly contested Jezebel bracket of all? Best Girl Scout cookie. Imagine the beautiful snark. Friendships would definitely end in tears.

For the record, it’s the ones with caramel and coconut. Then the lemon ones. Then Thin Mints.