The President Didn't Know He's the President of the US Virgin Islands

The president of Puerto Rico meeting with U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp. Image via the AP.
The president of Puerto Rico meeting with U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp. Image via the AP.

The temptation to mash all the keys on the keyboard nears full capacity, so I’m just going to bundle the Trump news for the sake of not having a shitty day.

  • Donald Trump and Rick Perry repeatedly demonstrate a shaky grasp of the idea that Puerto Rico is part of America. Here’s a clip from Thursday’s dialogue in a House Energy and Commerce hearing on what plan Perry had to restore Puerto Rico’s power grid:

Rick Perry: “That is a country that already had its challenges before this storm.”

Democratic Florida Representative Kathy Castor: “It’s America. They’re American citizens, so it’s not a country.”

  • On Friday, Trump said that he met with the “president” of the Virgin Islands, which is him.
  • On Friday, the Orlando Sentinel reported that a Trump campaign staffer was shot 13 times in his sleep, according to an arrest affidavit which states that police responded to an alarm on Tuesday morning. Newsweek is reporting that 30-year-old Nick Corvino, “who worked on a number of campaigns,” was killed by his roommate Scott Waddell, 45. According to the New York Post, Waddell told deputies that he was mentally ill and claimed that he could not remember what had happened.
  • Not only have Democratic attorneys general from 18 states filed a lawsuit against President Trump over his executive order plotting to withdraw key federal subsidies for Obamacare, but some Republicans are voicing dissent–because Obamacare helps their constituents. “Nearly 70 percent of the 6 million who benefit from the cost-sharing subsidies are in states that voted for the Republican,” notes ABC News. Nevada governor Brian Sandoval has said that “It’s going to hurt everybody.” Unsurprisingly, Maine’s Senator Susan Collins, who’s been a powerful “no” vote on many initiatives (including Obamacare repeal) is also against this.

On Friday, stocks fell due to the prospect of less profits; without federal subsidies, USA Today and the Associated Press explains, insurers would likely need to raise premiums.


Trump announced this morning that the plan is great.


Kat Marlowe

Trump and the President of the Virgin Islands got along so well, they spent the day together:

Here they are getting matching hair cuts:

Here they are discussing whether to go to that new vegetarian restaurant:

Then they decided to coordinate outfits:

After that, they hit the Sephora:

Then it was time to get some dessert:

Before discussing U.S. relations with North Korea: