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The Power Went Out At Disneyland, Just Like in All Your Nightmares

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

For some children, Disneyland is a magical fantasy kingdom full of spinning teacups, Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles, and animated characters who will hug you. For me, though, the amusement park beheld untold terrors, like eerily mute Belles who looked NOTHING like the real thing, not to mention the possibility that at any moment an electrical outage could trap you in murky water with a gang of animatronic pirates and tourists. Every so often an actual outage at Disney proves my latter fear right, and on Wednesday Disneyland’s Toontown and Fantasyland suffered just that. Of course, there was chaos, though in my nightmares there’s far more bloodshed.


According to local news reports, the power went out at around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, with a park spokesperson telling Anaheim’s ABC7 affiliate that the outage was thanks to a transformer malfunction. Though the LA Times reports most of the dozen rides that lost power were working again by noon, even an extra 10 minutes on “It’s a Small World” is enough to put you in therapy, both because of the singing dolls and the real children on the ride with you, who may or may not also be singing.


Disneyland may claim it’s the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but really that title belongs to my couch, where I am never in danger of getting trapped by a power outage because I am trapped here already.


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"Not a real" DrDonna

I have some friends who got stuck on Small World once, and they said the creepiest part was when the music shut off but the animatronics kept going, so that all they heard was the clacking of their little mouths and eyes opening and closing.