The Po-Po Is Investigating Ariana Grande's Donut Licking

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Ariana Grande might soon rue the day she ever set her tongue on one of those innocent donuts.

Police in Lake Elsinore, California have teamed up with Riverside County public health officials to investigate the incriminating video from Wolfee Donuts. In the clip, released by TMZ, the 22-year-old pop star and a friend were seen licking donuts that sat out on a counter. This could be perceived by the cops as donut terrorism—who knows what’s lurking in the salivary glands of La Baby Grande.

Grande didn’t purchase any of the donuts that she licked, reports the AP. Mayra Solis, a cashier who was working at Wolfee Donuts at the time, said that Grande was “really rude.”


I’m putting on my Tyra Banks face and screaming, because I was rooting for Ariana Grande. We were all rooting for Ariana Grande. With that range, I thought she would eventually reach Mariah Carey-esque goddess levels. But Mariah would NEVER lick a pastry that didn’t belong to her. She’s too busy swimming in evening gowns and not wearing a watch since she refuses to confine herself to the concept of time. Le Petit Grande, being a baby, has revealed herself to be playing a baby’s game. Donuts and policemen (and I) demand she explain.

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Not sorry, what she did was diguisting and rude.

Every Monday we condemn customers who treat waiters and other people in the service industry like shit. She put her nasty germ filled tongue on food products in a bakery and then refused to purchase them. That was food and money in the trash for the bakery, that's not okay.

It's not cute when a 22 year old celebrity does it and I'm glad she's being called out on it.