The Platinum Life Managed to Cast the Girlfriends of Miguel, Ne-Yo, and Nelly

Image screengrab via E!
Image screengrab via E!

Much like Basketball Wives before it—and WAGS and Baller Wives and Football Wives and Hollywood Exes—the new E! reality series The Platinum Life zeroes in on the lives of the intriguing women who give consistent love, time and energy to famous men.


It’s notoriously difficult for these shows to recruit women still involved with major talent—cast members are often more associated with B- or C-list celebrities or has-beens. So you may be surprised to learn that half the cast of Platinum Life are with men who are relevant and active in the music business.

That includes Miguel’s fiancée Nazanin Mandi, who in this teaser exclaims, “Being engaged to Miguel is fun as fuck!” Also on the cast: Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Smith, rapper Kid Ink’s wife Asiah Azante, singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger’s wife La’Myia Good and Shantel Jackson, whose boyfriend Nelly was arrested over the weekend over rape allegations.

“I think I wanna look at engagement rings,” Jackson says in the teaser. “Of course I wanna be married to Nelly.” Despite the risk of a reality TV reputation, this cast is down for the cause, which means these shows benefit the women in some ways.


There’s also a rapper named Lola Monroe, the girlfriend of rapper King Los—who’s launching a comeback, though I don’t remember her ever being popular—and singer Alycia Bellamy, who’s fresh out of a relationship. When asked, “When’s the last time you dated a regular guy?” she says, “Never.”

There will be,\ photo shoots, red carpets, engagement ring shopping and the usual tea sipping on the series, which premieres October 15.

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I wonder how the Nelly accusations will play out here. I don’t watch KUWTK, or any of that stuff, do the legal problems facing the families and their immediately relations (like stuff with Kanye) ever manifest on screen?