The 'Pizzagate' Gunman Has Some Regrets

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

It’s only natural that after shooting up a pizza parlor because you believed it could be operating a child sex ring on behalf of Hillary Clinton and you just wanted the facts, you might come to regret some stuff. According to a New York Times article published on Wednesday, “Pizzagate” shooter Edgar Welch, apparently not totally allergic to self-reflection, wishes he had done a few things differently this week.


On Sunday, Welch, armed with an assault rifle, walked into D.C. pizza restaurant Comet Ping Pong and fired a few shots. Luckily, Welch did not injure anyone and was swiftly arrested.

Welch claims he was acting on an internet conspiracy theory and fake news campaign commonly known as “pizzagate” (Welch says he only just installed internet service and heard it by word of mouth). This false, propagandistic story linking Clinton to pizza sex slavery circulated during the presidential campaign and resulted in the harassment of Comet Ping Pong staff as well as the staff of neighboring pizzerias.

In his first interview since his arrest, Welch, who goes by his middle-name “Madison”, spoke to the Times via videoconference from jail.

Welch’s story begins with him waking up Sunday morning and informing his family he has “some things to do,” and ends with him saying he probably acted too hastily. “I regret how I handled the situation,” Welch told the Times.

This is well put, although I wish Welch had gone into specifics. I’m pretty sure, at least, that Welch could get more specific if he so desired. But Welch seemed reluctant to say too much to the Times, explaining that he is not political and does not believe in conspiracy theories. Sometimes he listens to the radio show of one Alex Jones, whom he refers to as “a bit eccentric.”

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America, let’s talk..

How? How did you get to this place with these people and this kind of thinking not being something shameful and hidden? But proudly held aloft as somehow better and true? (To them, not people who think)

“I just wanted to do some good and went about it the wrong way,”

According to court documents, Mr. Welch said he had come armed to help rescue the children.

Vigilante justice is always a great idea. Batman does it. America Fuck Yeah!

He left “Smallsbury,” a nickname for his hometown

The cartoon draws itself.

“The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent,” he said. However, he refused to dismiss outright the claims in the online articles, conceding only that there were no children “inside that dwelling.” He also said that child slavery was a worldwide phenomenon.

After recently having internet service installed at his house, he was “really able to look into it.”

He said that substantial evidence from a combination of sources had left him with the “impression something nefarious was happening.” He said one article on the subject led to another and then another.

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He said he did not like the term fake news, believing it was meant to diminish stories outside the mainstream media, which he does not completely trust.

Stories where you don’t have to bother citing real sources. Just “feels.”

“He has listened to Alex Jones, whose radio show traffics in conspiracy theories and who once said that Mrs. Clinton “has personally murdered and chopped up” children.”

“He said he had grown religious in the last few years.” 

“I regret how I handled the situation,” Welch told the Times”