The Pen15 Girls Are Never Ever Leaving Seventh Grade

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The thing about the horrors of seventh grade is that eventually summer starts and the year is over. But what if middle school... never ended?


Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, the freakishly funny creators of Pen15, which happens to be the only show I ever talk about anymore, haven’t started writing episodes for the second season. But when they do, the girls will still be in seventh grade. The news comes from WWD:

While they haven’t started writing the new episodes yet, Erskine shares that the series, in which she and Konkle play convincing middle schoolers, will continue right where they left off at the end of season one, but move into darker and more mature content — while staying in seventh grade forever.

This choice is particularly apt because middle school does feel like an inescapable hell, regardless of the actual progression of time. (In the pilot, Maya and Anna console each other after a horrible first day at school by saying they only have to do seventh grade for a year).

This is also great news for me, a fan who was momentarily worried that that in Season 2, the series would fast-forward to the eighth grade, or high school and lose all of the specificity and nuance that made the first season so good. That said, more Jim Carrey impersonations and gross, complicated makeouts in Season 2, please.

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It’s about time that this horrific period in life is being portrayed from a girl’s perspective. I fucking love this show so much because yeah, yeah, we get it, some boys get spontaneous boners and obsessively masturbate when they hit puberty. Sex ed for middle schoolers includes boys get boners! They have wet dreams! And girls bleed like monsters and watch out, boys, they can now get pregnant! No recognition whatsoever that girls, too, are sexual beings and, you know, have to deal with a lot of shit that NO ONE talks about because for whatever reason it’s all taboo. I have 2 late teen boys and an 8th grade girl and gotta say that a show about middle school from a girl’s perspective is desperately needed. By the way, the movie “8th Grade” is spot-fucking-on.  Plus, these two are f’ing hilarious. I’m still sad I blew through the season.