The Parlor Game From Hell

In last night's edition of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, 90210, Dana invited the ladies gathered to play games at her house, which for all intents and purposes should have been a reasonably relaxed, fun time. But given the Richards sister's current state of affairs, it only takes the littlest spark to ignite a passionate fire of a thousand bitchy suns. As you can see above, it didn't take long for the game to deteriorate into a screaming match between Kyle, Kim, and New Girl Brandi.

How did we get here? First of all, we should have known that organized games of intellect and Housewives don't mix. Be that as it may, Kyle and Kim's relationship has been on the rocks lately: Kim is sad, and Kyle is sick of babysitting her depressed, addicted-to-some-kind-of-substance sister. But they bonded while playing a round of "Celebrity," because they could answer questions about Paris Hilton with the words "Our niece!" It was a great and winning strategy, with one caveat: New Girl Brandi, who felt left out playing on a team of sisters.


So Brandi did what any scorned, bitchy woman would do, and insulted the sisters for going to the bathroom too many times. (As you can see at right, no fun times were being had inside of there.) Claws out, Brandi went right for the jugular and called Kim "wasted." The sisters sprang up from the couch and wagged their fingers in unison to put Brandi in her place. So now that the Richards sisters have united through a hatred of Brandi, can we be rid of her now? Let's keep her through next week's episode, though — after this shit, we deserve resolution.

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Kim needs therapy in the worst way and also probably recovery from whatever her addictions are, but I did feel badly for Brandi. She had not done anything offensive when Kim said she didn't want Brandi on her team because she didn't like her. The manner in which she said it was like a 4 year old, who hasn't yet learned the social norms and just speaks out loud whatever they feel.

Also, "Pam" piling on with Kim and Kyle reeked of the desperate to be popular girl in highschool trying to get in with the cool mean girls, and also trying to avoid being their target. She had already been insulted too when Kim was going on about how filthy her home was, she probably wanted to make sure it stayed redirected at Brandi instead. Cowardly and immature. I do not like her. Does she know how crass she is? (redundant)

So far, Camille is the nicest one this season. How in hell did that happen?