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The Pantone Chart of Every Human Skin Color

Illustration for article titled The Pantone Chart of Every Human Skin Color

Brazilian artist Angelica Dass is attempting to catalog the entire range of human skin tones — to create what she calls a "chromatic inventory" of all humankind. Her infinite project, titled HUMANAE, involves photographing a subject, taking an 11x11 pixel "sample" of that person's skin from the resulting image, and matching it to one of the thousands of colors in Pantone's international color database. Pantone colors are a standard used by the design industry. Dass then fills the background of the picture with that Pantone, and lists the alphanumeric code the company has assigned that particular shade. Her Web site for the project is kind of mesmerizing. Can you find the Pantone that looks most like yours? [HUMANAE, via Flavorwire]


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Pantone 286 C