Illustration for article titled The Only Question You Need to Answer This Thanksgiving Is: Where’s the Best Spot to Smoke Weed in Your Hometown?

Jeremy Renner graced Saturday Night Live's living sketchbook last night, and the good news is that he wore a sleeveless shirt. The bad news? He didn't do his killer Jeffrey Dahmer impression, which, according to an NPR interview I heard this one time, is the whole reason Renner was considered for The Hurt Locker.


But never you mind all that. Last night's episode featured a holiday travel commercial for exotic and luxurious Your Hometown, where you'll get to stay in The Subdivision Home You Were Reared In as you do things like eat Hungry Jack pancakes with sugar-free Log Cabin syrup and watch your empty-nest parents parade around in their underpants as they slip into an inevitable and crushing senility. If that gets boring, though, you can go smoke weed alone on a park bench and see a movie, alone, because the whole point of the holiday season is to take a magnifying to drift aimlessly through your hometown as you open up old psychic wounds and visit with old friends who seem, for all their intransigence, much happier than you.

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