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The OITNB Cast Wishes You a Happy Holidays in the Most Litchfield Way Possible

Taystee, Suzanne, Boo, and all your other Orange Is the New Black favorites have arrived to deliver their own Litchfield version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas—which naturally includes looting, vibrating screwdrivers, and prison riots.


While ‘Twas a Night in Litchfield is a gift in itself, the true present is watching Orange Is the New Black’s talented actresses roll out their characters—each so distinct—in quick succession. It’s a credit to the writers that in three seasons, they’ve managed to create such a vastly beloved and developed ensemble.

And a special shoutout to Cindy, one of Litchfield’s select Chosen People, for participating in these Christmas festivities despite her new Jewish faith. Let’s hope the rest of the inmates remember her generosity come Sukkot.


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This makes me sad, because I may never get to see this show. I have been screwed over billing-wise by Netflix in the past so I do not trust them enough to re-subscribe to them, and although you can get it on my cable company they want an absurd amount of money to give you access to it, which I cannot afford.

My cable company does the same thing with Mad Men - ridiculous amount, per season. I really want to watch that show but no show is good enough to spend more than $100 watching the entire series.

[insert a bunch of sad face emojis here]