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The Obamas Donated Sasha and Malia's White House Playground to a D.C. Homeless Shelter

Image via the AP.
Image via the AP.

As a part of a Martin Luther King Day service project on Monday, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited a Washington, D.C. family shelter to see “Malia and Sasha’s Castle,” a wooden play structure built on the south lawn of the White House for the Obama’s children that was recently donated to the shelter’s playground.


The Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter is an apartment complex in D.C. that primarily serves single black mothers with two to three young children. According to the shelter’s website, “the JHP helps homeless individuals achieve self-sufficiency through training, critical support, and employment and housing services.”

While at the shelter, President Obama pushed young residents on the swings, while the First Lady—always ready to get involved—got active on the rope swing. Later, the couple aided with the painting of the shelter’s “Wall of Hope” mural, created by artist Omatayo Akinbolajo, which features Dr. Martin Luther King.

Illustration for article titled The Obamas Donated Sasha and Malias White House Playground to a D.C. Homeless Shelter

According to USA Today:

The Obamas painted quietly for a few moments—mostly coloring in butterflies—prompting Mrs. Obama to remark: “We are painting in silence. Does anyone have any good jokes? Age-appropriate?”

Here’s one for you, Michelle: Knock-knock/who’s there/It’s America begging you not to leave the White House/“America begging you not to leave the White House” who?/ THIS ISN’T A JOKE. PLEASE STAY.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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fondue process

Also, the Obamas had offered to leave the playground at the White House for, you know, Trump’s ten-year-old kid and bunch of grandkids... and he said no.

Poor Barron.

Glad they donated it, though!