The No. 1 Movie in Germany Is a Hitler Comedy Called Look Who's Back

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Uh. Ok, Germany.

How you choose to reconcile your country’s legacy of systematic murder of six million souls is totally up to you. Looks like part of your process is a zany 90-minute comedy where Hitler wakes up from his bunker in modern day Berlin and tries to use Google!

For three weeks in a row, Look Who’s Back has dominated the German box office, overthrowing Pixar’s Inside Out and raking in $9.4 million, The Guardian reports. The movie is done in Borat fashion: half-scripted, half relying on the bewildered responses of unsuspecting citizens of the Fatherland.

The movie is based on the bestselling novel by Timur Vermes. In the movie and in the novel (which sold 14 million copies), Hitler manages to get his own TV show. TV executives believe the Führer is just a comedic actor doing edgy satire. “Jews are no laughing matter,” one executive warns Hitler about his material. Hitler heartily agrees.


“Germans should be able to laugh at Hitler, rather than viewing him as a monster, because that relieves him of responsibility for his deeds and diverts attention from his guilt for the Holocaust,” director David Wnendt told The Guardian.

Whatever PR firm charged tens of thousands of euros to come up with that quote certainly earned it. Here’s a clip:

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We live in a world where the Israeli PM hates Muslims SO MUCH that he’s willing to blame them for steering Hitler toward Holocaust.

I’m glad we have a Germany who jumps in and says “Nope, that was all us, in fact!”

If they need to exorcise some of that through humor, more power to them.