The Night Belongs to Ke$ha

How do you think Ke$ha is celebrating her birthday tonight? My bet is with copious amounts of drugs and glitter.


Have a good weekend, and remember that Mercury is in retrograde — which is the best excuse for everything bad that happens, ever.

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Is there such a thing as occasional bulimia, or am I just deluding myself that my behavior isn't that bad? I am not a classic binge eater in the sense that I don't gorge myself on food on a regular basis. However, I tend to gain weight very easily if I eat practically any carbs, and so sometimes after a particularly large, carb-filled meal, I will purge. I do this at most a few times a month, and often go months without doing it. I know it's not normal per se, but is it really something I need to worry about long term health effects of/seek medical help for?