The Night Belongs to Kate Winslet

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Crushable suggests honoring Kate Winslet's 37th birthday with the best 'Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls" memes, which is not a bad idea. You could also:

  • Think about the fact that Kate was only NINETEEN YEARS OLD when she filmed Titanic, which is crazy.
  • Read Little Children or Notes on a Scandal because both of those books are really good and were made into movies starring Kate.
  • Look at Kate Winslet gifs.

(If you can't tell, I love Kate Winslet.)

Have a great weekend!

(image via Crushable.)

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I don't want to be a Sensitive Sandy, and I hate people who get offended about really innocuous things, especially when there are real issues to worry about. But there is this weird thing I see on Jez all the time that kind of bugs me. Occasionally, there will be a post about someone like Christina Hendricks (like there was this morning), and there will be a bunch of commenters who say things like "I'm super straight, but if I ever had to swing on that vine, she'd be the one I'd do it with".

Now, I'm bisexual and it's a struggle. Only four or five people know about it, and two of the people who know have used it against me in a mean way. And I have it easy, because I'm in a long-term hetero relationship, and don't even want a relationship with a woman (I'm not really romantically attracted to women, just sexually). So those comments seem like they'd be even more annoying if I had to identify as a bisexual woman every day.

There's just something obnoxious about women who'd have nothing to lose by proclaiming they'd have sex with a woman commenting about it. Like, congratulations, you find a woman with a classically idealistic look attractive. But a straight woman proclaiming she'd have sex with Christina Hendricks, as though two women having sex together is just totally normal and ok with everyone, is kind of obnoxious. Because there are SO MANY situations where I can't talk about being bisexual, yet women who aren't bi can talk about it.

Does any of that make sense? Am I being too sensitive?