The Night Belongs To Judi Dench

The Dame and frequent onscreen Queen turns 77 today. In honor of her birthday, check out this 2007 interview in which she discusses bad reviews of her first stage performances. Even Dames were nervous schoolgirls once!

Other luminaries born on this day include John Milton, Felicity Huffman, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Michael Dorn, who played Worf on Star Trek. Have a beer (or three) in their honor, and enjoy your weekend!

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Dear Jezzies, last Saturday I became a mama. Lil Monster was born two weeks before his due date but totally healthy and since I spend so much damn time on here I wanted you all to be among the first of my cyberspace buddies to know.

I don't really want to add to the gory birth horror stories that we hear all the time so let's just say that Lil Monster's birth was dramatic and leave it at that. (Anyone who really wants details can ask in the reply).

Yay, my tiny person is finally here!