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The Night Belongs to Joanna Newsom

Happy birthday, Joanna Newsom!

Looks like we made it: It's Friday, and this here's your open thread. Have a great weekend, stay warm.


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Hey everyone! Two questions I'm wondering about:

1. At what age did you first move out of your parents house?

2. Is it a bad idea to move out of home and have your boyfriend be your first roommate? Did you do that?

I'm weirdly anxious about moving out of my parents house (I'm 21 in a few months) and honestly, I don't have much of a reason to move out other than wanting to get out on my own. I really have it great here. I'm also super close with my parents and I feel like it would be so hard to leave home. But I know I can't stay here forever and got to get my butt out sometime.

Also, living on my own is just too expensive for me so I would need a roommate. The only person I would ever consider moving in with is my boyfriend of about 5 years...but I am nervous that it would somehow ruin the relationship. I was just curious about everyone elses experiences with leaving home! Thanks!