The Night Belongs to Friday the 13th/Mercury in Retrograde Paranoia

I've been checking Is Mercury in Retrograde? all week because everything in my life has been going haywire: my computer stopped holding a charge, my AIM screen name was hacked (yes, we use AIM at Gawker Media, deal with it) and I can't remember all of the other little annoying things that happened but I know there were plenty.

(Note: I don't actually believe in astrology or ghosts or anything that I don't have proof exists, but I once read that Mercury in Retrograde specifically affects Virgo journalists — hello, that's me! — and ever since it's been my favorite excuse for everything shitty.)


So complainers, take note: Mercury officially goes retrograde at midnight. As for today, it's Friday the 13th. Sure, okay, I'll jump on that bandwagon too.

Have a great weekend, and be sure to blame everything and anything unpleasant that happens on the calendar.

(Image via TheCaptain666)

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